Best Time To Visit Lachen

    The greatest time to visit Lachen is from October through June, so anyone who is thinking about going there should be aware of that. Here, summers are generally pleasant, providing opportunities for sightseeing and a[...]
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Historic Places to Visit in Sikkim

Sikkim's historical sites are well-known throughout the world for their amazing events, which date back thousands of years. There have been many successful dynasties and powers over the years, so historians and history fans both like[...]
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Ravangla Namchi Tour

In the foothills of Sikkim, there are two distinct towns: Ravangla and Namchi. These two towns are both found in the state's southern region. Namchi is located at an elevation of 5500 feet, while Ravangla lies at an elevation of 8000 feet.[...]
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Lachen : Things To Do

Lachen is the sister city of Lachung and is encircled by the Lachen Chu river and various mountain ranges in the Himalayas. At an elevation of 8838 feet and 109 kilometres from Gangtok, it serves as the starting point for hikes deeper into the[...]
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Lachung Tourism

Lachung, one of the most beautiful Himalayan settlements, is tucked away in North Sikkim and is surrounded by towering, black mountains, gushing waterfalls, eye-catching fruit orchards, and meandering glacial rivers that instantly[...]
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